Zoom Request Form

Request a Zoom Appearance

Request Submission: The electronic Request for Zoom Appearance form located below must be filled out and submitted not less than 5 court days' prior to your appearance date. A copy of your completed Request for Zoom Appearance form must be served on all other parties not less than 5 court days prior to the hearing. If you have not received the request/order or the Zoom link 2 days prior to the hearing, you must appear at the hearing. A Zoom request must be submitted for every hearing appearance unless the Judicial Officer has granted it in the proceeding on the record. All Zoom request approvals/denials are discretionary by the Judicial Officer hearing the matter.

Mandatory Appearance: Any evidentiary hearing including trials require personal attendance at the hearing.

See the Remote Appearance & Rules and Procedures pages for additional rules, procedures and guidelines.

If you are unable to complete the electronic form below, Click Here to download the form as a PDF. This form can be submitted using the drop-box in the lobby of the Hall of Justice at 2610 Riverside Drive, Susanville, CA, via email to: ZoomRequests@lassencourt.ca.gov or faxed to 530-257-9061.

A separate request must be submitted for each appearance.

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Superior Court of California, County of Lassen