Telephonic Appearance

A joint effort between the Lassen Superior Court and CourtCall, LLC allows parties to make telephonic remote appearances for use only in certain civil, unlawful detainer, probate cases, and Title IV-D family support cases.

Local Rule of Court 6 establishes Lassen Superior Court's rules on CourtCall Telephonic Appearances. Please see California Rules of Court 3.670 for additional information regarding telephonic appearances.

CourtCall appearances are scheduled, in writing, in advance, by serving on all parties to the action and delivering (via fax, mail, or personal delivery) to CourtCall, not less than 5 court days prior to the hearing date, LSC-MIS-025, Request for CourtCall Telephonic Appearance form, and by paying the stated fee or fee waiver for each CourtCall appearance.

For more information about appearing telephonically, please call CourtCall at (888) 88-COURT or visit them at

Refer to Local Rule of Court No. 6 for specific rules and procedures for telephonic appearances.

Important Notice

Recording a court proceeding through any means is prohibited unless/until the judicial officer specifically grants permission to record as per CA Rules of Court, Rule 1.150(c) & (d).

A violation of this rule may result in the imposition of sanctions as set forth in subsection (f) of Rule 1.150.

Zoom Appearance

Looking to appear remotely via Zoom? View the Zoom Appearance page for more information.


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