Remote Appearance

Participation in Zoom Appearances

  1. A party may appear by ZOOM at any hearing, conference, or proceeding if the court determines that a ZOOM appearance is appropriate.
  2. A court may require a party to appear in person at any hearing, conference, or proceeding if the court determines on a hearing-by-hearing basis that a personal appearance would materially assist in the determination of the proceedings or in the effective management or resolution of the particular case.
  3. The court reserves the authority, at any time, to reject any Request for ZOOM Appearance.
  4. The court reserves the authority to halt the ZOOM hearing on any matter and order the attorneys and self-represented litigants to personally appear at a later date and time.
  5. If a matter is continued prior to the actual hearing date, the prior filing of a Request for ZOOM Appearance shall remain valid for the continued date of the hearing.
  6. Existing rules and procedures regarding the making of the record by a court reporter or electronic device or obtaining a transcript after the hearing shall apply to hearings at which ZOOM appearances are made. No recordings may be made of ZOOM appearances except those made in compliance with California Rule of Court 1.150. A violation of this rule may result in the imposition of sanctions as set forth in subsection (f) of Rule 1.150.
  7. Any party to a proceeding, including a subpoenaed party, who chooses to appear by ZOOM must give the court a minimum of five (5) court days’ notice so the court may approve the request and send a ZOOM invitation. Absent the court's relief from a party having to complete an application prior to the court date, all parties must complete the form entitled, REQUEST FOR ZOOM APPEARANCE form pursuant to this Order a minimum of five (5) court days' prior to the hearing date.
  8. Participants choosing to make a ZOOM appearance shall place the phrase ZOOM Appearance below the title of the moving or opposing papers.
  9. Participants who appear remotely will connect to the hearing through an electronic device, such as a desktop computer, laptop computer, cellular telephone/smartphone, or other mobile electronic device. When a matter is set to be heard by ZOOM appearance, the Court will provide the participants with instructions in advance for joining the videoconference. Participants shall ensure that the electronic device is equipped with both a camera and a microphone to participate in the ZOOM proceeding, unless the Court has authorized another means of participating. Participants must ensure that they have sufficient battery power for the entire ZOOM appearance, including having a charger readily available, and access to enough cellular data and/or Wi-Fi for the duration of the ZOOM appearance.
  10. All attorneys, parties, and other participants making ZOOM appearances must connect to the court session at least five (5) minutes before the scheduled court appearance in order to participate in a pre-hearing check with the courtroom clerk. Participants ZOOMING after the calendar starts shall be considered to be late for the hearing and shall be sanctioned in the same manner as if the attorney or self- represented litigant had personally appeared late for the hearing.
  11. Participating parties expressly understand that there may be waiting periods for their case to be called on the ZOOM system that may exceed an hour, and election to use this appearance system option includes agreement that the party or counsel will be on ZOOM from the time of the hearing to the time the case is called and heard.
  12. Participants appearing by ZOOM shall state his or her name for the record each time he or she speaks and shall participate in the appearance with the same degree of courtesy and courtroom etiquette as is required for a personal appearance.
  13. The Court may terminate the remote video appearance if participants do not comply with the local rules regarding procedure and decorum. Participants in a remote video appearance must: (1) Participate in the remote video appearance with the same degree of courtesy, decorum, use of appropriate language, and courtroom etiquette as required for a personal courtroom appearance; and (2) Dress appropriately in the same manner as they would for a personal appearance in court, without sunglasses and/or hats.
  14. All participating parties making a ZOOM appearance shall:
    1. Eliminate to the greatest extent possible all ambient noise from the attorney's or self-represented litigant's location;
    2. Ensure consistent lighting, avoiding rooms with bright windows and/or backlighting, so that the participant can be seen;
    3. Mute their phones and/or not speak until it is their turn to speak or their case is called;
    4. Speak directly into the microphone on the electronic device used to connect to the court session; and
    5. Speak slowly and avoid interrupting others.

All prior orders that may be in conflict or inconsistent with this order are hereby revoked insofar and to such extent as they may be in conflict or inconsistent with this order.

Note: In the event of a conflict between these rules and the California Rules of Court, Emergency Rules, rules 3 and 5, the California Rules of Court prevail.

General Order 2020-11 2nd AMENDMENT

RECORDING OF COURT PROCEEDINGS WITHOUT PERMISSION IS UNLAWFUL: Recording the court proceeding (whether through the videoconference application or by any other means) is prohibited unless/until the judicial officer specifically grants permission to record.  CA Rules of Court, Rule 1.150(c) & (d).
A violation of this rule may result in the imposition of sanctions as set forth in subsection (f) of Rule 1.150.

Rules & Procedures

Participating in a Zoom appearance? Here are some rules and procedures to follow.


Zoom Request Form

A Request for Zoom Appearance form must be filled out 5 court days' prior to your appearance date.


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