Court Reporter & Transcript Information

Policy Regarding Availability of Official Court Reporters

In line with CCP §269(a)(1), and California Rules of Court, rule 2.956, the Lassen Superior Court’s policy regarding the normal availability and unavailability of official court reporters is as follows:

  • Official court reporters will be provided in the following case types: Criminal - Felony, Family Law, Juvenile Dependency, Juvenile Delinquency, and any other proceedings in which an official court reporter is mandated by law.
  • Official court reporters are NOT generally provided in the following case types: Civil (Limited & Unlimited), and Criminal - Misdemeanor; unless otherwise required by law.
  • Official court reporters will NOT be provided in the following case types: Probate (including estates & trusts), Conservatorships, Guardianships, Small Claims, Unlawful Detainers (Landlord/Tenant), Infractions, and Traffic; unless otherwise required by law.

Local Rule of Court 1(I) provides additional procedures regarding the services of an Official Court Reporter in Civil Case Types. Local Rule of Court 10(F) establishes the court's policies regarding the services of an Official Court Reporter in the Appellate Division.

Privately Retained Official Court Reporter Pro Tempore

Local Rule of Court 16 details the court's policy relating to Privately Retained Official Court Reporter Pro Tempore. For proceedings in which the court does not provide an official reporter, a party has the right to arrange, at the party's own expense, for the services of a court reporter if the services of an official court reporter are not available.

A party must make arrangements for a Privately Retained Court Reporter in advance of the proceeding if the party wishes the proceedings to be reported. Parties retaining a reporter must file form LSC-MIS-200, Request for Appointment of Official Reporter Pro Tempore with the court at least 5 days prior to the hearing unless the Court orders otherwise. --See Local Rule of Court 16 for more information and the official policy of the court.

Attorneys or parties should confer with each other to avoid having more than one court reporter present for the same matter.

Requesting Transcripts of Court Proceedings

Transcripts of proceedings are obtained directly from the Certified Court Reporter who recorded the proceedings. Contact the court reporter directly to obtain a transcript. To obtain contact information for the court reporter of a particular proceeding, contact the court at or (530) 251-8205.

When requesting a transcript of court proceedings from a court reporter, at a minimum, the following should be included with the request:

  • Case Name
  • Case Number
  • Date of Proceedings
  • Judge
  • Telephone Number where you can be contacted during business hours

Electronic Recordings

An electronic audio recording is an alternative method to capture court proceedings of misdemeanor or infraction cases by using an electronic recording device (Government Code 69957) and may be used in some proceedings at Lassen Superior Court.

How do I get a copy of an electronically recorded proceeding?

Transcripts of electronically recorded proceedings are obtained through the court. Recordings are available on CD and cost $10.00 per disc. Requests for CDs of recordings may be submitted via email to

Please provide the following information within your e-mail request:

  • Name and Telephone Number of Requestor
  • Case Name
  • Case Number
  • Date of Proceedings
  • Name of Judge

Please allow 10-15 working days for the request to be processed. You will be contacted when the disk is ready to be picked up.

In order to play the CD, you must download a player from There is no charge for this download.

To get a written transcript of an electronically recorded hearing, please submit your request to eScribers at You will be requested to fill out an online transcript order form. eScribers will contact the court to obtain the electronic recording and will prepare the transcript for you.

Superior Court of California, County of Lassen