Location and Phone Number:

Superior Court, State of California

County of Lassen

Access to Justice Center

145 South Lassen Street

Susanville, CA 96130



What is mediation?


Mediation is a free service offered by the Lassen County Superior Court.  Mediation is the process of assisting parents reach an agreement on custody and other disputed matters involving their children.  The mediator has both educational and practical experience involving children and families and dispute resolution.  Mediation is required by California law in all cases where child custody or visitation is disputed.  Mediation may also be voluntary. If you and the other party are able to reach an agreement in mediation and have a current court case in Lassen County, your agreement may be filed as an order in your case without the requirement of either parent filing a motion with the court.


How do I schedule a mediation appointment?


  1. Please pickup a Mediation Packet from the Access to Justice Center at 145 South Lassen Street, Susanville, California; or you may call 530-251-8353 to request that a Mediation Packet be mailed to you.


  1. After you complete the form on the first page of the packet, leave that form at the front desk.


  1. A Mediation Packet will be mailed to the other party with a letter advising them that you are requesting mediation and asking them to respond within 14 days.  You will receive a copy of that letter so that you will know the date the packet was mailed to the other party.


  1. Read the Mediation Packet and complete the Mediation Questionnaire contained in the Mediation Packet.  Return the completed questionnaire to the Access to Justice Center.   If you have never been in mediation in Lassen County, you will need to attend an orientation session.  (The Mediation Packet contains information regarding how to schedule orientation.)


  1. As soon as both parties have returned a completed Mediation Questionnaire, and attended orientation, if required to do so, you will both be contacted to schedule mediation.


  1. The Mediator can not force the other party to respond to your request for mediation.  If you have not been contacted to schedule an appointment and the 14 day period has elapsed, please contact mediation at 251-8353 to ask whether the other party has responded.  If the other party has not responded, you will need to file a motion with the court to request the orders you were seeking in mediation.  If you are not represented by an attorney, you can contact the Family Law Facilitator (at 251-8353) and schedule an appointment to help you complete the necessary forms to put your matter on calendar.   If a prior court order requires you to attend mediation before filing a motion with the court, you will have complied with that order by requesting mediation and turning in your Mediation Questionnaire.